Why LittInvest

Our company holds a firm belief that a successful trader is a broker’s recipe for success. Therefore, we are doing our best for our traders to reach success and financial wellness. Because a sincere testimonial of a satisfied client is the best recommendation we can get. We are always at our customers’ side. Success of our traders is our success.

Innovative trading platform

It is might seem for a first sign that all trading platforms have no differences, but it’s not true. Our company has engaged the safest AirSoft platform with the high degree of response speed and easiness in use. Its expansive functionality is also supplemented with possible online admission to a Bloomberg TV and other extra features.


All your money operations and personal data is certainly protected by the best engineering techniques to guarantee your confidence and calmness. Priority number one is to make use of the latest security measures to meet all modern requirements of our clients. That’s why we utilize the SSL encryption and secure HTTPS protocol in every step of money or data operations.

Education Centre

Professionals were inspired to create a special education centre on the site, which Prompt your knowledge with a particular learning division on the site, which contains of market analysis, news, glossary of trading terms, learning materials and valuable articles on our blog. LittIvest education centre is a massive block of information, facts and data.


Supporting of a demo-account within our platform will benefit you with an incredible chance to try you skills not in a real but in an artificial trading world. So you won’t lose money on your balance and will be able to develop great skills.

$100 bonus on a first deposit

We are happy to welcome new clients, so we gift them with additional bonuses on their first entry. After you make a first deposit into your account, we will treat you with pleasant surprises. Our system has developed a whole range strategy of bonuses adding to your deposits.

24/7, Individual Account Manager

Our Online Support team contains of patient and caring professionals ready to solve your day-to-day trading hassles. Carrying person will hold a hand on pulse on your trading, so you will never undergo uncertainty that may have a bad impact on trading expirience.

Trading tools

LittInvest provides a wide selection of trading assets, handpicked by our experts for maximum accordance to the priorities of our traders. Company believes that an optimal selection of trading assets is an important factor for providing high level of comfort on the market.

Trading strategies

To get started with Forex trading and to wet your feet, it is necessarily not only to make a small investment in the very beginning to enlist broker web site, of which you can trust, but I would be good to understand the basics of stock exchange markets. Our company creates, develops and considers the best trading strategies, but in the same time it remembers to take care about education of our customers.

Knowledge is a power! Our best wish is to make from LittInvest clients strong traders, so they can join us and conquer the world of global financial markets together.

So we propose them to go through educational course and get a demo-account and additional bonuses, before they start trading and obtaining the fist money.

You can always rely on a help of a professional team and our managers supports you on any handicaps or enquiries, as well as they educates you on any questions concerning Forex, which you can also find in the learning section.

LittInvest proposes diverse types of trading strategies, every of which has its own advantages. Choose the one that is suitable exactly for you.

Education centre

Market’s analytics and weekly and daily technical benefits you with precise and accurate forecast and supports the earning process. Trading glossary and educational material are also for the usage of novices and more advanced traders might like our blog and news section.


We have chosen the most profitable trading platform for Forex with supplementary functions and triple encryption. AIRSOFT will supply to its users comfortable trading flow, permanent access to news channels, instant currency quotes and handy indicators.

Frequently Asked Questions

LittInvest makes sure every client can find helpful information for gradual acquaintance with intricate details of working with the markets. This is why we have prepared answers for most frequently asked questions.

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Why to choose our Team?arrow

In our littInvest team are the most professional and competent stock traders and macrotraders. Every of them has passed high-quality education (which is also provided on the site) and has proved his knowledge in a reality. Those were stock gladiators and only they who had a big profit for our clients had a chance to participate in our expert team now. Only the financial monsters and real sharks managed to be alive in a cruel corporate world. Because in their lines there aren’t a place for losers and profanes – we have only a best experts! And they precisely help to our clients make the needed investments, close gainful deals and raise their balance on a Forex. If you earn – the company earns, and the company earns – trader is also in a turnover. That’s why they are ready for everything to make you win. They will find for you the most perspective bids, analyze the market and give unusual advices and personal contacts for being impermanence in a contact relies on you that could help to earn more and more. Day by day our experts will develop and increase your funds and make everything for your purpose to make it a tremendously sized. And with a full list of armed services, which are for your use, you can become acquainted on a site of littInvest.
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What is a “deposit”?arrow

A deposit is the transfer of real funds into your account of the brokerage company website. The deposit is made by the trader himself in order to replenish the account balance.
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What is an “account balance”?arrow

Amount of money are played on the exchange by trader.
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Why do I need a demo account?arrow

This is a program that completely repeats the trading terminal, except that orders are not sent, which means that money does not go away. You are trading not real money but purpose of the demo account is to educate its users. What client sees in his demo account has no real value, but it is displayed by the software program.
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What is a lot?arrow

Forex trading is conducted in colossal volumes. Lot represents the standard amount of bidding on anything. Roughly speaking, it is a measure of magnitude of a commodity, which each of tools has its own. For example, for a EUR/USD currency pair, a lot is $ 100,000, and for a USD/GBP, $ 70,000.
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How many currency pairs on Forex?arrow

At the Forex market at the moment there are more than 70 currency pairs. But for mostly only a few pairs are used. The most popular currency pairs are EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY. And the most popular pair of these four is EURUSD (euro-dollar). Approximately, 70% of all transactions on the Forex market occur on this pair.
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How is Gold traded on Forex?arrow

Gold is always liquid on Forex. Gold trading on Forex takes place in lots. One lot is 100 ounces (2 834.95 g) of gold. Gold is considered one of the most stable instruments. Therefore, it is ideally suited to keep all assets in it.
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How is silver traded on Forex?arrow

Silver, like gold, is always liquid. But there are certain differences. Since silver is widely used in industry and its reserves are markedly reduced year after year. Therefore, the price for it is steadily growing.
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How is the oil traded on Forex?arrow

Oil can be of different varieties: Brent (Europe), WTI (USA), Middle East Crude (Middle East). 1 lot of oil = 1 barrel. The price of oil largely depends on the political situation in the world. Therefore, for successful oil trading, it is recommended to resort to competent fundamental analysis. And you can always use the fundamental analysis of a professional trader on the Littinvest website.  
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How to check quotes?arrow

Of course, being a successful and respected company, Littinvest always displays accurate quotes. But for greater peace of mind, a trader can always compare them with the data on the websites of well-known news agencies. For example, www.bloomberg.com and www.bankir.ru.  
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Why does discount rate affect exchange rates?arrow

Initially, this or another currency is in the central bank of the country. The discount rate is the interest rate at which the central bank provides the currency to commercial banks on credit. Accordingly, the higher the interest rate – the higher the percentage that an investor can receive for a deposit in that currency. It turns out that the higher the interest rate – the more this currency is in demand by investors.  
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What is the “base currency”?arrow

In a currency pair, two currencies: basic and quoted (quotation). The price is calculated from the correspondence of one unit of the base currency to the quoted currency. For example, if 1 dollar = 0.95 euro, then the dollar is the base currency (after all, we consider the price for one unit), and the euro – quotation (because with the help of it we consider the cost of one dollar). On the exchange, this is written as: USD / EUR 0.95  
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What is the “opening” on the Forex market?arrow

Trades on Forex are suspended at the weekend and open on the night from Sunday to Monday. This moment is called the opening of the market.